Friday, December 3, 2010

T'was Just Weeks Before Christmas...

T’was just weeks before Christmas, and all through the house
the clothing not laundered, not even a blouse.
The stockings were still in a box in the kitchen,
In hopes that I’d get off of my ass and stop bitching.

The dishes were piling up high by the sink,
They need to be done before starting to stink.
And in my procrastination I’m ready to snap,
Have ransacked my brain for so long I could nap.

While people I know are out shopping for gifts
I wonder if I’ll even pull off Christmas.
The stresses of the holidays making me sour
Days dragging on hour by hour.

How I’ll afford Christmas I’ll never know
I smile and I nod so my kid doesn’t know.
Mommy is broke, her bills in arrears,
There may be no sleigh, no eight tiny reindeer.

With the bank account dwindled to the point I feel sick,
There will be no memorable pics with St Nick.
Decorations are scattered in every room,
I hope I’ll get motivated to put them up soon!

Ads for Lego’s, Transformers and Video Games!
The Jingles so catchy you know all the names!
You can buy them at Sears, at Macy’s, at Kohl’s,
Toys R Us, and even hole in the walls!

As each one of them airs, you hear “I want that!”
From remote-controlled-this to it-transforms-to that.
So up to my ears I’m in things that he wants,
I counter with “Santa is watching you” taunts.

The Elf on a Shelf and his movements are slacking
I’m looking for the extra funds I’ve been lacking.
Applying for jobs, a second and third,
So the words “Shut off notice” will no longer be heard.

The guilt setting in on the gifts I can’t buy,
For those friends and family members that I usually try.
A bundle of Toys may not be in my kids future,
If miracles happen, one now would be super!

I’m living this Christmas how they do in the ghetto,
Dodging the repo man daily like a pro!
I put on a good front about the things I can’t pay,
But I feel like a deadbeat, cry a little each day.

The cable shut off, internet and phone,
We watch Christmas DVD’s whenever we’re home.
No food in the cupboards, peanut butter or jelly,
The plus side to that is a slow shrinking belly!

My ends are all splitting, my roots are a mess,
No money to fix it, no funds to hair dress!
My kid’s head so unruly and money so scathe,
I took some old clippers and his head I did shave

He spoke not a word, I went straight to work,
And hope I didn’t make him look like a jerk.
So hoping my fears and anxieties don’t grow,
Somehow holiday spirit will soon start to show!

I close my eyes tightly, I hope and I pray,
Let this Christmas not end in a Griswoldy way.
My boyfriend explains, and I hope he is right,
It’s the season of giving, it will all be alright.

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  1. Well written and so true! I fear Marlee's first Christmas is going to be terrible! Luckily, she won't really remember!


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