Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Move Over Frankie, I'm Doin it MY Way

People are hypocrites.

This whole hub-bub about Adam Lambert and his gyrating AMA antics have made me irritated over the annoying abundance of double standards that exist in our society.

Who cares really? Madonna and Britney made out for crying out loud and that clip has been hailed and raved about for years. So what if the guy-liner wearing Idol runner-up had a chick on a leash performing faux-felatio? When was the last time you didn't get those same idea's when some tween pop-tart straddled a back up dancer and started to dry hump his leg like a puppy in heat?

This of course came on the heels of an interesting weekend that likely caused a rift in my best friends forming of a relationship because I have a vagina. Again, that pesky double standard rearing it's oh-so-ugly head.

Had I been some beer-gutted frat minded guy who wanted to crack cans on my head, I would have been the picture perfect BFF, but because I sit to pee, I pose a threat. Really ladies? In case you haven't met me I am estrogenly challenged mentally and am basically a frat boy with boobs.

There is also that clich├ęd stigma that goes with sex. A guy can be king of the world the more conquests he racks up. He doesn't become the butt of the joke, or become subjected to scrutiny. He doesn't get made to feel horrible for a night of drinking and poor judgment. He gets a high five and an atta boy and moves on to the next pair with a pulse.

A chick on the other hand is labeled. She's used, she's tainted. A whore, a slut, etcetera. A name she gets to spend the rest of her life trying to dig herself out from under. A reputation that will haunt her. Her name accompanied by snickers and jeers. Self esteem shattered by the same men who lay in wait to take her home.

All because these ridiculous double standards exist. SO what if people do what some don't like. It's their choices and who are you to judge them. Who are you to make anyone else feel like less of a person because you are uncomfortable? I don't like it when you wear clothes you shouldn't in public, or leave the toilet seat up. I don't like PDA or people who carry on full conversation on cell phones in public without any regard to the people around them. I don't like fat people at the beach in Speedos, but you know what, that's their choice and who the hell am I to judge.

Sleep with who you want and be who you are. You only get one life to live, and you only get one chance. DO it up.

I'm going out like Frankie, for doing it MY way.


  1. Apryl, I like you point of view. You should follow my blog. http://www.jonathanbrock.blogspot.com Facebook and Friend Connect

  2. I'M COMING WITH YOU!!! I absolutely agree with you! We've all been sucked into retail hell and I want nothing more than traditions in my life. We still have a few in my life...Pasole on Christmas Eve...Thanksgiving dinner with some of my mom's side of the family...but our tables too have thinned. My uncle is usually out on some assignment somewhere in the world (Burma this year) and my other uncle can't get home from LA...then my brother and I are grown and have nearly nothing in common with the rest of them anymore. I'm expecting a child this coming May and I want traditions in his/her life...I want FAMILY...

    I, too, grew up eating dinner at the table every night....but now if I go to my parents they eat downstairs at the coffee table..in front of the tv and it hurts me... :(

    Gosh...what do we do now?!

  3. Wow I totally and 100% agree with you, we had these type of discussions in class the other day and then I was frowned upon for not frowning upon people! Thanks for visiting (and now following!) my blog :)

  4. I am totally loving this post because I have been thinking about double standards a lot lately.

    Its interesting how in sports when a woman is aggressive and gets violent out of anger she is penalized much harsher than when a man commits the same offense. For instance the soccer player that pulled the opposing team member down by her hair got banned from soccer for life while a male football player punched another player in the face and he only got suspended for 3 games.

    Also when men commit predatory offenses against minors they serve harser sentences than when a woman does the same. Its interesting to see how female teachers have gotten away with much more when messing around with one of their students than when a male gets caught.

    My least favorite is how when a woman is confident and opinionated she in considered a bitch but if a man displays the same attributes he is deemed a leader.

    And I hate how men can be dirty bastards but if a women dare be free with her sexuality she is the biggest whore of the town.

    Double standards suck and are so effing dumb I just don't get it.


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