Monday, November 2, 2009

Screw You Daylight Savings...

I have come to the conclusion that I despise Daylight Savings time.

Not only do I have to re-do every clock, watch and car stereo I come into contact with (and thus the added annoyance of remember HOW to do each one), but it is now dark when I am driving home from work.

It's depressing.

Makes me feel the impending doom of the looming winter season. The stresses of planning for family holidays like who's house will garner the turkey for Thanksgiving and starting to plan who you can actually afford to buy Christmas gifts for, after your child of course.

Every ad mentions Christmas and as soon as Halloween comes to its fateful end, it seems the retail industry jumps at the chance to tout red and green as far as the eyes can see. And then the added ridiculousness that is "Happy Holiday's" and no longer "Merry Christmas", because god forbid we offend anyone who wasn't born here.

Your body decides on its own, and most definitely without your permission, that it needs to "bulk" up for the impending cold weather it seems to have mystically figured out is coming and suddenly the carefreeness of slim and fitted clothing begins to elude you.

And of course we can't forget that every other ad on TV will be from some jewelry store or another, showing picture perfect couples and the fantastic gifts of love and adoration they try to shove down your throat every 15 minutes. Awesome for the self-esteem of the ever-single gal.

Its all I can do to not mail-order myself a Snuggie and hunker down for the winter in a pseudo-hibernating scenario full of sappy chick flicks and lonesome bottles of white wine. Allowing myself to live vicariously through happy ending after happy ending, and coming out more cynical than ever.

And all of this starts flooding my mind as soon as I have to turn that wretched clock back an hour.

Screw you Daylight Savings, keep your freaking hour and give me back my sanity.


  1. I agree. I hate that it gets dark so early, and I really hate winter. Oh, and those Christmas commercials on TV.....GOTTA GO! It's just the beginning of November...ugh. I feel you. Cheer up, winter is a good excuse to wear hot boots and sweaters. ;)

  2. Lets not forget how daylight savings totally fucks up our kids. I had a 5yr old climbing into bed with me at 6:00am frantically asking me if it's time to get ready for school because the sun is up.

    PS. when I clicked on your blog one of my most favorite songs of all time was playing. Fiona Apple's 'Never is a Promise' brings me way the hell back. Friggin love that song!


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