Monday, January 11, 2010

I Won's an Award I Did

Well, thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet (and no Al Gore I STILL refuse to give you credit for making it all happen), I was given a prestigious Blogging Award.

Much like the leg lamp in a Christmas Story, this award is the sign that I too am making it. Although not quite as exciting as the thrill of electric sex glowing from a window, I am sure, well, maybe almost certain that more than just the voices in my head agree or enjoy my miscellaneous rantings.

Thanks to the ever fabulous Brenda enjoying summer over in Australia and on her hilarious blog MummyTime I have been chosen as one of the proud recipients of the Honest Scrap Award

So thus, upon receipt of this fantastic honor, I am supposed to tell you 10 random facts about me and then in turn nominate 7 other fantastic bloggers for you all to read and enjoy. Don't know which will be harder. Choosing 10 random things to divulge or choosing 7 of my favorite blogs.

Dilemma ensues.

Let's start with the facts, ma'am.

1. Jell-O creeps me out. I can go into an entire drunken soliloquy whenever Jell-O shots are around me on the disturbing nature of this substance. It is neither a liquid NOR a solid, and in my opinion any food that moves on its own without touching cannot be trusted.

2. In all of my miscellaneous ailments that compare my medical chart to that of a 65 year old man upon first glance, I have never actually broken a bone. By some strange miracle I have bruised ribs, chipped a bone in my finger, and have sprained, pulled, torn and ripped all kinds of muscles, ligaments and things that I am sure most 3rd year med students have trouble pronouncing, yet have never actually broken anything. (although with my dumb luck I am sure that when I leave today after saying it out loud I will likely change that on my way to the parking lot)

3. Up until my current residence, which I have only lived in for a couple of months and not including the year I lived in some Hippie-Type Commune in college (although if we call it Hippie-Commune and not by its actual town name it MAY count) every town I have lived in has started with an "H"

4. I was allergic to being pregnant when I had my son and no forms of lotion, Benadryl or baths could make it go away until I gave birth. Yet another reason my child will be an only child until I am dead.

5. I auditioned for American Idol, season 7. (clearly I was NOT the next American Idol since I am still broke, busted and disgusted) It is nothing like you see on TV, and no I did not see Simon, Paula or Randy...people don't actually see them until a week after the first round of auditions. However, I must say it was one of the coolest things I have ever done and though I no longer watch the show because of how not like they say it is it actually is (that so made sense in my head when I typed it...), I would do it again.

6. I don't generally drink soda. On the rare occasion I am forced due to lack of any other beverage I will force down a Diet Coke, but the only things I drink on a daily basis are Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts (cream, 2 Splenda) and water. Unless the weekend is here and there is alcohol involved, then it's a shit show and a free for all and who knows.

7. I am about to partake this weekend in my first Snuggie and Mustache pub crawl. Don't ask

8. Even at 30 (yes I did just admit my age) I am still petrified of spiders and thunder. I know that I am bigger than a spider and now that I am the big tough mama I normally have to do the killing in the house. This generally consists of me frozen in fear and chucking shoes at the ceiling until the thing balls up and dies, and me not sleeping in said room until I am sure the fucker is dead. The thunder thing I am pretty much ok with now, UNLESS it is sonic boom loud right over my house and then I am a skittish little girl wanting to pull the covers up over my head and hide until it’s over. And my 5 year old makes fun of my for it. Nice.

9. I can almost rival Imelda Marcos in the shoe department. When I moved, my brother complained if he saw one more box labeled "shoes" he was going to kill me. I believe there were 12 large boxes and 2 large tubs of them. And counting...

10. I pretty much say to at least one person daily "Know how I know you're gay" from the 40 Year Old Virgin. I have nothing derogatory to say about anyone gay, I love them, I just think it's one of the funniest movie lines ever, and quoting stupid comedies and comedian’s is my thing.

Phew. Now you know all about me I will be checking my bushes on the regular for the creepers. I'm not an overly complex gal really. Ok so maybe I am. I pretty much wear my heart on my sleeve, well in my blog, and if you are finding me for the first time from Brenda's nom, then thanks and here are who I would like to nominate:

Ferni @
Boy does she ever

Tara @
Because she's hilarious

Kendra @
Because new motherhood is a journey

Brian @
Because a soldier's war doesn't end when he comes home

Kristine @
Because there's always humor in something

Jen @
Because she puts herself out there

Melissa @
Because she is who she is, no matter what

And just for good measure.....

Cath @
My South African Twin

SO those are my nominees people. Blogs I follow, ones I read every day. Real life people like you and me, who write because they love it, want to share what they experience and even if they do it differently or go through different journey's are all about Blogging.


  1. Under the link "Stalk me here"

  2. Aww, thanks for the blog award!! xoxo

  3. And I thought I was the only person still afraid of spiders and thunder. Gawd, I hate thunder.

  4. :) Thanks for the award...heading to post about it all now!

  5. Found your blog via hipstercrite.
    I'll stalk because I can.

  6. Thanks love!! I'm pretty sure that you need to make a post about the snuggie and mustache pub crawl...PPUUHHHHHHHHLLEEAAAASSEEEE!!

  7. Thanks lady! And I totally have blog envy. So pretty over here. I need to put on more makeup or something.

  8. Thank you for the blog award! You are so sweet : )


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