Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Old Fashioned Fiction Please, Preferably Without a Uterus

There are some people in this world who must be stopped.

Come hell or high water, there must be actions taken to prevent the travesties they continue to commit over and over again, and that we as a society are forced over and over again to sit back and watch, defenseless against such events.

Yes I'm talking you Duggar Family.

19 children?? Really? You need to have your uterus removed. And Octomom? You're just plain ridiculous. And if I hear the names Jon or Kate again I may vomit. You pop out kids like your Cuda is a Pez dispenser and I find it offensive.

We are in a recession. An economic crisis. This is not news. There are people like myself, struggling in single-motherhood. Or people like my cousins who tried and tried to get pregnant, were forced to adopt, then by some miracle got pregnant and had a tumultuously hard pregnancy and birth (luckily little man just turned a healthy 1 this past weekend).

But these women, these Reality Show people can't be stopped. They over-produce and use their children as personal gain. Parade them on national television as the "next big thing".

And pathetically too many people tune in to watch this exploitation.

Look at the likes of Danny Bonaduce and other child stars who weren't followed by camera's 24/7 and see how well they turned out, do you really think that what you are doing is going to benefit your children?!

Are you that daft?

You are selfish. You are horrible people. You Duggar's play the role of the Holy and the just. That these kids are your "Gifts from God" as it were. Then you expose them on national television and build yourself a nice huge new fancy house to put them all up in. So much for you humble appeal.

And then your drama defaces the covers of every magazine in every supermarket checkout aisle. "Jon and Kate: the new fight", "Octomom's bikini body".

Who gives a shit.

You are not celebrities, you are thieves. You have stolen valuable time and energy from the people of this country, and frankly as one of them, I would like it back.

I don't want to read about you, I don't want to see your faces on the covers of anything. I don't want to flick through my channel line-up to a marathon of your ridiculous shows on TV, or any other reality TV show that contains people like you.

I abhor most reality TV. My reality sucks enough I don't need to watch someone else's train wreck and know that they are yucking it up for the camera's, making things "look" real when it’s not.

I auditioned for American Idol once upon a time, and I know that what you see on TV is not what you get in reality. I don't regret my doing it, I met amazing people, I was complimented on my talent. I wasn't a "story". I wasn't a "freak-show". You audition in front of producers 4 at a time, weeks before you would be even called back to see Simon, (then) Paula and Randy.

I haven't been able to take it seriously since.

I watch the Biggest Loser, but only in the sense that it is real people, doing something real in losing weight and helping themselves get healthier. I am sure in that there is a boatload of bullshit off camera that we don't know about, but at least they allow camera's 24 hours a day in their gyms and you can log on to the website to watch if you want.

But the rest, are all a bunch of money grubbing losers. Jersey Shore, the Hills. Following miscellaneous families air their dirty laundry and over used reproductive organs on national television. It's sickening.

I live in reality. I'd like someone to bring back some good old fashioned fiction please, preferably without a uterus.


  1. Whew, I second that AMEN!!!

    I feel bad for those's not like they knew coming into this world that they would be exploited...but alas, they are!! And it's sad...every child should be allowed a normal childhood (or some approximation of such)...

  2. Interesting subject! What is normal for one person is not necessarily normal for another. However, I totally don't disagree. These parents are exploiting their children for personal gain and it's sick. I must confess...I used to enjoy Jon and Kate...until they knew their marriage was falling apart and tried to continue the show. I value the importance of marriage and family and when it was getting to that point, they should have said see ya TLC we are going to try and fix what little we have left.

    The Duggars bug me. What woman enjoys popping out that many children...I never watch the show...don't care to.

    But there is some reality TV that I do enjoy...The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race...

    And I don't know that I even have a point to this will go do the work that I should be doing.



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