Monday, February 1, 2010

A Nightmare More A Dream

Open your eyes in morning
Choices there to make
Roads that seem the simplest
Not simplest are to take

The tides are ever changing
Strong currents to light streams
Life proves to be tumultuous
A nightmare more a dream

You sit in ever wonder
How you got to where you are
Seems a million miles away
Though really not so far

Changes though were drastic
Sliced you like a sword
Some subtle though, subdued
Whispered softly, said like words

Callously you pondered
Calculated every act
The Fates were out to get you
Convinced that this was fact

You're falling off the wagon
Always waiting for the shoe
Though you feel the sole intact
You don't know what to do

The bottom falls day to day
Chaos follows suit
You turn and pull inside yourself
The point it seems is moot

Think no one understands you
Alone you shed the tears
Bitterness, frustration
Built up throughout the years

Like onions there are layers
A turtle there's a shell
And only those who care to
Seem to see beneath it well

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