Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tomorrow I'm Calling In Dead

Just in case anyone had any doubts whatsoever, the phrase "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have none" was solely coined for me. I'm convinced.

And so the litany of annoyances began early in the week. It starts with the minor things. Things most people would giggle at really. A lost hubcap.

Really, who loses 1 hubcap? I didn't hit a curb, have an accident or hit any resoundingly deep New England potholes that I recalled. I didn't hear the tinny sound of it escaping off my wheel-well and off into the great beyond. Nope. I just came out to go to work, and noticed a black hole where my once silver covered Ford emblazoned hubcap once was.

Unlucky yes, and mostly annoying.

And then, then my Monday morning continued as I had a job interview...sort of. I say sort of because it wasn't an interview for an actual job. It was with an Agency for staffing. Now mind you when I was laid off last year for that fateful 5 month period, I worked with 3 of these said places, so let's just say my hopes weren't sky-high.

Alas, I get stuck in traffic. First Monday morning back from school vacation week and there was a horrific accident and a car got stuck under a tractor trailer. Awesome. I call and announce I am running behind, and since my GPS was not finding a signal, I was going to now take the subway, and needed walking directions. The girl on the phone gave me some and I drove to my current work, parked, and walked to the T station.

On the train, off the train and then walking in the brisk, cold New England winter air. Brr. I head in the direction the woman had told me, turn left here, right there, walk walk walk. I felt like I had been walking for ages and the next cross street I had been told to look for was nowhere to be found. Hmm. Maybe it's farther down. I am suddenly in Chinatown, a not so pleasant neighborhood in Downtown Boston.


I call the woman again. "Um, I'm in Chinatown" ..."Oh you went the wrong way, you need to turn around and go back the way you came"

So maybe 20 blocks in the opposite direction, in the cold and in heels I finally make it there. Heaving and out of breath and a half an hour later than intended.


So afterwards, I asked how to get back to the T the easiest way, since I had clearly been lost. The guy gives me the easiest directions to another stop that was like 3 blocks away. I was pissed. That entire sightseeing trek through Chinatown could have been avoided.

Tuesday brought another great stroke of luck as I picked up Dylan from school.

I get handed a letter by Dylan's teacher. Hmm, I open it up. Oh, tomorrow will be Dylan's last day of financial coverage because DSS closed the case (small victory) and failed to notify me, so I now had to come up with close to $400, that I didn't have to keep him in school.

The letter was dated February 3rd and they handed it to me on the 22nd. Yeah. I was livid.

I called the school's office and there was nothing they could do. I had to call this payment place and get the money squared away by the 23rd or Dylan couldn't return to school. Awesome, just kick the kid out of kindergarten you assholes.

So I cry, I fret I scream. I call my mother who somehow is able to finagle a solution for me, and I git-r-done.

I then call DSS and tear them a new asshole for having poor practices and notification exercises and request to speak to a supervisor. Oh I am so not done with them.

So Wednesday I go to the school and fill out new paperwork to get on a sliding scale payment deal for school. All would be great if they did things in a reasonable way. They look at your pay before taxes, they don't care or look at what your bills are, your rent, your car payments etc and then pull out an amount.

Stellar. I am now $500 in the hole every month, out of the gate. And that's without even having been laid off yet.

Life's grand.

So then this morning.

Ahh this morning.

I go out to my car, get Dylan ready to buckle in and ready to start the day at about 7:30 this morning to take him to school and head to work....and my freaking car had been broken into,

My GPS stolen, dashboard ripped to pieces and stereo gone, wirers hanging everywhere, CD's all but 2 gone.

I was shaking. This happened in my fucking driveway.

I get Dylan back in the house to the safety of his Nick Jr. and I call 911.

The police come and inform me the town got hit pretty hard last night, so then the County comes to CSI my car. Another cruiser pulls up and they start to powder and process my car. Looking for prints and taking pictures like I was right out of a Law & Order episode.

Of course, my insurance has a deductable that is more than what was stolen and broken is worth, so putting in a claim will only cost me points on my insurance and more money out of my pocket, so I get to eat it.

Not a single day this week has gone by where something shitty has happened, each day worse than the next, and it's only friggan Thursday.

I think I'm calling in dead tomorrow.


  1. no fun! Oh and you are a bad influence. I totally just signed up for shoedazzle! Sooooo bad.


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