Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Haunted by a memory
A person, place or thing
Recounting thoughts
Reliving moments
The uncertainty it brings

Keep moving forward
Step by step
So you believe
A brief reprieve
Yet pieces still are left

Inopportune you find me
To wonder yet again
Relive the past
Old memories hashed
Of how they once began

Your touch seems now so distant
Your breathe more like the wind
Your kiss is faint
Your face a disdained
Too many years infringed

Yet ghosts perhaps in haunting
Remind you of your life
How far you've come
And what you've done
The triumphs more the strife

Naiveté consumes you
If you could just go back
To simpler times
The clock though chimes
But many things would lack

Gone would be independence
The backbone that you built
Your motherhood
The ground you stood
The overwhelming guilt

But time is an illusion
And what was great was not
So now your ghost
Who touched you most
Loves me, loves me not


  1. Why the heck won't this post where I actually want it to? Frig. Both those comments were for your post from yesterday...but this one today is both of those too. :)


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