Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Womb Emancipation Day

It's a bitch to get old.

NO really, it is.

Today marks the 31st year of my life. (Go ahead, I will pause as you belt out "Happy Birthday".) 31 years. I am officially IN my 30's now and not quite sure how I feel about it.

It hasn't been all bad really, today I mean.

Woken up by a cutely apologetic phone call by the boyfriend at 7am. Apologetic that he fell asleep and wasn't able to call me at midnight, being the first to wish me birthday tidings the very first moments of the actual calendar date change.

Follow this by an exuberant 5 1/2 year old (who had made his way to my bed somehow in the night due to yet another nightmare) bounding up and grinning ear to ear "Happy BIRTHDAY Mama!" accompanied by a huge hug, and my morning was off to a fairly pleasant start.

Then off work. Naturally, my morning commute was worse than usual since as of yesterday they started construction on a bridge that is between where I start and where I finish. Which makes the highway awful, and the optional back roads route I could take no longer an option. Stellar.

Upon arriving at work, my computer decides to tell me my account has been disabled and I get to wait an hour and a half for IT in Costa Rica to figure out the problem, get me back in business, while I sit idly like a bump on a pickle. Wheeee!

Inundated with enough Facebook messages to make me feel like a pimping rock star, my phone is naturally dead by 10:30am, so I have to now borrow a Blackberry cord (mind you I do not HAVE a Blackberry) to charge it from someone else or suffer phoneless for the rest of the day. And let's face it, I can't have that.

WHY did I have to borrow one you say? Oh that's because MY charger had been yoinked off my desk sometime last week one day after I had left for the night. Good times.

Then I got to have lunch with my fellow co-workers, ones who share my position. Supposed to be my "Farewell" lunch since my last day was slated for Friday. (although I may have a few days next week now, but I digress) And they bust out a fantastically delicious birthday cake and a card they had gotten me. Perked me up right away.

So now I sit here, waiting at work. Not much on the horizon as my boss is traveling. Not much anyway since the end is near.

I am 31 and in limbo.

I am finally happy in my personal life, and professionally it's going to shit. I guess that's always the way isn't it? You can't really have it all? Fuckers, how is that fair?

This past weekend I got whisked away for a romantic getaway to Martha's Vineyard. Local and yet far away at the same time. It was sweet. Not enough time gone if you ask me.

My ever thoughtful love replaced my formerly stolen GPS with a newer better model, and then friends and us went to a wine expo, which then turned into a pub crawl, which then turned into a shit show.

Sometimes there should be a limit on the consumption of alcohol over a certain age I believe.

Yup, I just said that.

I am officially old, I told you.

Well, as a friend had already told me, Happy Womb Emancipation Day to me!


  1. I've already wished you a happy day on FB...but I want to reflect on how super jealous I am that you were whisked away!! My birthday celebrations always consist of other people getting drunk and me being semi-responsible...one day I'll be taken on a true get-a-way!

    Oh well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (again)


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