Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Idioms. Idiotic as some may seem, old fashioned, or just plain nonsensical really, I tend to use them every day.

Some you know and likely use yourself. Some more obscure. Some possibly made up or twisted somewhere along my knobby and slightly uprooted family tree I suppose. I remember hearing them as a kid, uttered by my mother. Butchered by my father.

Some of those phrases you never think you'd ever say yourself as an adult, until the occasion arises and BOOM! out it comes, spewing from your lips like a literary volcano before you even have a chance to think about what you're saying.

You think nothing of it, until looked upon quizzically by those around you. They look at you as if to say "What the EFF did you just say?!" Wondering if you suddenly morphed your vocabulary back into 1925 or 1956. Not modern hip sayings like "Foshizzle" or "GTL" but things like "deaf as a haddock" or blatantly pointing out "Pot, kettle, black".

Funny how some things just stick with you and you don't realize it. Traditions that form not only in forms of holidays spent with family every year or in the ways you rear you children, but in the very way you speak, or think.

An impression molded on you, like Silly-Putty on newspaper. Sometimes only leaving the faintest mark, other times far more indelible imprint.

Odd how some words and phrases just become a part of who you are. Associated with different parts of the country or types of people. Being a Boston native, the word "Wicked" as an adjective is a no brainer. Comes as naturally to a sentence as the very breathe I take every day.

You expect to hear "Y'all" in the South. You discern certain ethnicity's saying "axe" instead of "ask". Assume Canadians to say "Eh" after everything, as if constantly posing a question. It could be construed as pigeonholing, typecasting even, but moreover it's an unequivocal truth to regionality. A bizarre happening really.

Much like being born in certain area's your dialect or accent may differ, the words and phrases you use are just as much a part of where you come from, they make you who you are. Show your grasp for just what you pick up around you.

Those common quips and phrases, often obscured through decades of transcription, like the Telephone Game I once played in Girl Scouts as a child. Starting out one way, and at the end of the line, sounding entirely different, words twisted or replaced. Made your own by impressionism. What you think it means or is, how you feel it should be implied.

The past few days it's been raining. "Cats and Dogs" some might say. "Buckets" may be heard from the lips of others. Whatever occasions may rise, whether weather or every day minute occurrences. We all say them, use them, think them.

We just don't THINK them.

It's who we are really. Intelligent or idiotic. Over and over again. Like verbal pleasure, whether we mean it or not. It's good to hear, better to partake in. Socially acceptable and oddly comforting.


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  1. My idiom today was to "swallow my pride" and admit that I have screwed up a garage door installation...twice. The thing is, I did it right once before, but alas, I've failed.


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