Friday, January 7, 2011

Rossi-isms: From Finland

I have noticed a trend in Blogland.

People who have blogs seem to at least once a week have a sort of "feature". Perhaps a recipe of the week, or a review of their favorite TV shows. Some share random themed stories etc. I think I have decided to partake.

I mean, who doesn't like to jump on a random bandwagon every now and again? (Except for Jeggings, I don't think I will ever get on that grateful.)

I think I will call mine Rossi-isms. Though I cannot coin the phrase, it was once used by my late grandmother-type neighbor who often used it to refer to the random words and quips that made little to no sense that often spewed out of my father's mouth.

The man was like a dyslexic Dr. Seuss. My brother and my son seem to have adapted the knack for the ridiculous. Making up words and being over-all hilarious to the point of laughing so hard it hurts sometimes.

My Rossi-isms will feature just that. Random anecdotes of my family, who put the fun in dysfunctional.


We'll start with just an average everyday conversation between my mom and my brother, Todd.

Mom: Where'd it come from? (talking about a small ornament-looking thing she found in her house)
Todd: I don't know, Dylan must have colored it.
Mom: No he didn't, it has a finish, so where'd it come from?
Todd: Finland?
Mom: What?
Todd: Well if it's Finnish it's from Finland.

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  1. hahaha...I noticed the Seuss- like hat in your header. Must be in your familys blood.



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