Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Of Mice and Men and Hospitals

They say the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

I don't know how much mice plan for things actually. I assume that those lab rats and mice don't exactly plan to have miscellaneous antibodies and diseases injected into them, or plan on being held in cages until they are thrust into a maze to test their cheese-sniffing skills.

Then again, perhaps they are much like the talking characters in Ratatouille and live a completely fulfilled life of haggling food and avoiding traps like they are some sort of daredevil.

In any event, you know the saying.

Last year on Valentine's Day, such plans were made. Amazingly wonderful thoughtful plans.

Dinner reservations in Boston, a Broadway-esque (I say "esque" since it wasn't actually ON Broadway but in Boston, to me it's the equivalent nonetheless) show and a night with my Love.

And of course, good old Murphy and his Law things didn't go exactly as planned.

I ended up in the hospital.

What I was there for now, I honestly can't recall, but there I was, hooked up to machines and monitors in a hospital gown. Not made up pretty as I had wanted to be. Nope. So not attractive.

But my gallant Knight in Shining Armor headed to see me regardless, armed with a "Get Well" balloon and a pretty pink plant. Dinner had been obviously missed, and he was forced to give away the show tickets. His generosity had him give the tickets away to a nurse I think that was getting off shift.

So there we were, sitting in my little hospital room, white-trash TV on the tiny screen in the corner, awaiting hope of a quick discharge. All his well made plans, his hard work and effort, thwarted by whatever illness that had chosen to strike me.

Wouldn’t you know, it ended up being the best Valentine's Day of my life, despite the circumstances.

As I got discharged, we made our way home. I was to rest, take whatever medications they gave me, and blah blah blah. Wasn’t sounding like the makings of a great evening that’s for sure.

So there I was, home now and sitting on my couch. In he walks bearing all kinds of great things. A large stuffed frog holding a heart that said "Kiss Me" (I am obsessed with frogs, in case we missed that memo). 3 boxes of dark chocolate, because I don't really care for milk chocolate. A dozen beautiful red roses (which I still have, and not in some creepy Morticia Addams way, but dried nicely and hanging in my laundry room). Last but not least, a golden wrapped box, which I opened to find a Pandora necklace complete with heart charm.

It was like Christmas again and I was over the moon. I had never been made to feel like someone loved or adored me more. I was spoiled completely.

This wonderful man then told me he would drive to any restaurant I wanted to get me take-out of my choosing and then suffered through watching the DVD of the musical we were going to see. All while I probably looked like I had been hit by a bus.

A night that he had so carefully planned had been essentially ruined and yet turned into the most wonderful night ever.

So as Monday approaches, and yet another Valentine's Day nears, I can only hope that whatever plans are made (and will likely steer off their intended path since that's the story of my life) are as full of love as they were last year. Even though they may not be what were thought of in the beginning, I have no doubt it will be amazing, not matter what happens.

Thanks to the love of a man I can't imagine my life without. Screwed up plans and all.


  1. Nice site! Found it through FTLOB. Stop bt my site sometime and check it out.

  2. Sweet post and how lucky you are to have that guy! Does he piss glitter too? Match made in heaven!


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