Sunday, March 6, 2011

Witness Protection on My Resume?

I haven't been hiding under a rock, or whisked away into Witness Protection by the Feds for having intel on some sort of Maffioso Crime Lord.


My absence has pretty much been because 2 weeks ago, I lost my job. Got the old pink slip, laid off once again.

It was like any other day I thought really, day after a Monday holiday, after having the flu. Walked in and couldn't log in to one of my computer systems. Weird.

I asked the office skank, I mean other woman in my office if she was having issues. Nope, she told me I should talk to the manager.

Well, the guys all started ot make their ways out on the road to various jobs and a silence started over the office, as it had every other day. Then the ominous bellow from the Manager.

I walked into the Owner's office to be sat at the conference table by both the Owner and Manager. Sat down and told they company was no longer able to afford my position. That they felt terrible but nmy position would no longer exist after that day. I would be paid for the week and I basically had to clear out my desk and peace out.

What. The. Fuck.


So now, I am on the hunt again. Back on the job market.

The first couple of days, well actually that entire week, I basically hid in my house. I cried out of frustration and out of sheer dumbfoundedness and then tried to snap out of it. I hung out with my Booger and laid low.

I did all those technical things you should do when you're jobless. I updated my resume, I called a couple of staffing agencies. I called Unemployment and I filed for State Medical benefits.

Now the waiting game. The applications, the whole interview process. Putting my best corporate foot forward and trying to walk right into a good job. A job I thought I had.

I mean, it wasn't my dream job, but it was a job nonetheless. It paid the bills. Sort of. I mean sure it was less money than I made in the big city for Gillette (now THAT had been a dream job) and the benefits were crappy and cost me an arm and a leg, but it was income.

The whole process is agonizing. Showing up all dressed up, smiles and professionalism. Holding on to copies of my elusive resume, hoping I answer their questions adequately. Hoping when I shake their hands as I meet and greet than some sort of impression is made. That I am the candidate who stands out, who will get the job.

Then that nerve-wracking waiting game. A day, a week, a month. You don't want to seem eager so you don't want to call them. You send them a note perhaps, a brief email thanking them for their time, for the opportunity to learn about their company. Blah Blah Blah.

I am good in an interview. Been told that before. It's just the whole daunting process.

I'm no spring chicken. I'm not a fresh out of college kid who can be more easily stuffed into certain corporate molds. I don't still live with my parents or have a bevy of roomates so taking that entry level pay isn't an option for me. I need to make money. Fairly decent money to support my kid, my life.

Cross your fingers folks, it's going to be a bumpy few months.


  1. Sorry I wasn't here earlier to comment. I'm catching up with so many blogs...

    I'll say a prayer for your success. Job hunting sort of sucks, and I'm blessed in not having had to do so for twenty years. Here's hoping you get something great and, somewhere down the road, you realize that what happened was exactly what you needed.

  2. I hope your job hunting goes well.
    It's not an easy time for it (if it were, the lay-offs would be non-existent), but it does sound like you have your s**t together, and that is a big asset.
    Good luck, dear.
    xoxoxo, cd


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