Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Look A Kitty!

6 year old kids playing T-Ball is frickin hilarious.

I mean, I thought Dylan's soccer team was funny when there were a bunch of kids just running with no real rhyme or reason, only a couple (thankfully this included Dylan) actually getting the point that they must kick said ball into the little nets on either end of the field.

But T-Ball, is hysterical.

It's also an easy way to notice the attention span (or lack thereof) of kids.

If they are not batting or running, it's like watching a 3 Stooges episode. Kids all over the field, attempting to entertain themselves while they try to figure out what's going on.

I have no idea how the coaches do it.

There was one little boy at practice yesterday who was literally bent down picking worms out of the ground, somehow the way he was positioned while doing so allowed the ball that was just hit to bounce right into his glove. He was much too occupied with the worms to actually catch and hold on to it, but the image of it going right into his glove while he wasn't paying any attention had every parent on the sidelines roaring with laughter. It couldn't have been done again if he tried.

It made me feel so much better about Dylan, watching all these other kids, twisting in the outfield. Spinning around, standing on one leg and watching the "big" kids on the basketball court across the parking lot. Dylan was probably one of the most still. Which is shocking.

My kid isn't the only one who has to get asked to do something a few times because he gets sucked in to whatever he is doing, or sees something else and completely forgets what I had just asked him to do. I am not alone in having to ask my kid to pay attention to things. I felt vindicated.

Of course, it's comical when it's someone else's kid, annoying as hell when it's your own. But it made me feel like I am not such a terrible parent after all. That my kid is normal in that regard. (I mean he's still an odd duck, but he's normal as far as this stuff is concerned).

Watching other people's kids run when they weren't supposed to and inadvertently steal bases, watch them have to be asked by the coaches ad nausea to pay attention to the ball when someone else is at bat. Having all of them watching what each other is doing rather than actually attempt to play the game correctly.

And that was only practice. With his team. Throw another team out there with them double the kids, I can only imagine how that's going to go.

Tonight is Game 1, and if I can get a video of their Bad News Bears-esque style of playing, I will be sharing it for all the world to see. (And giggle).



  1. Found you on for the love of blogs. After reading your blog name, I just had to swing by.

    Do you really piss glitter? That would be most impressive. :p


  2. But aren't all kids odd in the greater sense of the word? I think back on the "cool" kids in school and they were all dorks too. I just had the advantage because I grew up to realize that everyone really is a dork so my friends and I had the edge on the self-acceptance thing. Hope they won the game! (If there are winners & losers, these days who knows!)


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