Monday, September 13, 2010

Freakin Fall and Bass-Ackwardness

There is this half mile stretch of road that I take driving to my mother's that is lined with trees and nothing else. Just road and trees. It's picturesque really. For a 1 minute stretch bewteen residential areas, nothing but green on either side of you.

As I drove this morning to drop my son off, I noticed the first couple of leaves starting to turn into varying shades of red.

What. The. Fuck.

I get it, it's September. But it's JUST September. Summer is not OFFICIALLY over until the end of this month. Leaves are not allowed to start changing until then. Simply because I said so.

Ok ok, so I know I am not exactly able to contend with Mother Nature, but still, I am not completely ready for this.

Alright, maybe I'm a little ready.

I mean, I love that football season is in full swing. That Sunday's are now full of the Patriot's playing and referees whistles blowing. I love pumpkin donuts and muffins and coffee and beer being back in true New England seasonal fashion. I love that I can wear jeans AND flip flops.

I look forward to going apple picking and pumpkin picking and figuring out a Halloween costume. Taking Dylan Trick-or-Treating and watching him run around in his costume. (As of now he's settled on a pirate but that could change day to day)

I normally hate the fall. I hate that the days get shorter and the nights and mornings cooler. I hate when the morning dew on the grass turns to frost. I hate the fall's transition into Winter really.

Yesterday was the first day that really felt fallish. I woke up to a cool morning with heavy condensation on the windows. Threw on my Patriots jersey and readied myself for a day of watching football.

In true seasonal transitional fashion, Dylan had a sore throat, so we watched the game from home. Which worked out well since I was a tad bass-ackwards...instead of Spring cleaning, I Fall cleaned.

There is a room in my house that has been pretty much untouched since I moved in a year ago. Still piled high with boxes and bins as though I had just pulled up the moving van.

Well not anymore.

Yesterday I douched it. Sorted through those boxes and bins, filled trash bag after trash bag with things I unnecessarily held onto. Gave away tons of Dylan's baby things to an expecting cousin and set the room up as I had been intending to do so for the past year.

It is now a functional playroom/guest room/exercise room. Yay me! (although not "yay" for my aching back..."

In all my productivity however, the rest of the house now seems to have had an Atom Bomb go off in it. Things removed from their once stored haven now in the rooms they belong in, just waiting for me to find them new homes. Prefereably in the rooms they should have been in all along.

Hoping to have all said and done by Dylan's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Which means working all day, and coming home to clean until I go to bed. Making sure Dylan is cleaned and fed and homework's done in-between. AND celebrating his actual birthday on Thursday.

Ahh the joys of hosting a child's birthday party. (Sarcasm hopefully duly noted)

Cleaning your house to have it become trashed by dozens of other people's kids running rampant throughout it. Buying and cooking food and trying to make sure you have something everyone will eat. Goodie bags and activities so no one is bored. Cake and presents and finding new homes in the toy box for all the gifts now occupying your child's playtime.

Cleaning it all up....again.

But I guess the look of joy on your child's face makes it all worth it right? Right?!

Freakin Fall and its bass-ackwardness.

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  1. Parties are like that. I've started having the cleaning people come AFTER the party. Why before?
    Good for you on your productivity project! I need to attend to a few of those. Perhaps your example will get me started?

    And yeah. I noticed fall. But I love fall. But it was really dark this morning, that's what registered with me more than the temperatures. And leaves. Better find my shovel before that damn snow comes....

    Hope Dylan had a great party.


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