Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear Blogosphere.......I'm Back!

Dear Blogosphere,

I am sorry I have basically dropped you like a bad habit. You see, things have been super crazy over the last year or so, and frankly I sort of shut that part of my brain off (I know I know; excuses excuses).

You see, I had sort of a bad run. Job instability seemed to rule my life there for a while. Working through temp agencies with the promise of hire only to have those rugs pulled out from underneath me. Because really, why would I have accepted a position with the promise of unemployment soon again after? Sneaky fuckers I know. They lure you in with the promise of benefits and income and then POOF! Here's your hat what's your hurry.

The old personal life wasn't exactly a picnic either. I could sit and rant about it today to you, but that is likely a story (or 50) for another day.

The point is, I missed you. You were an old reliable friend I could count on. You were the outlet and release I had to vent to after a bad day. The tried and true compadre who was there when I went off on a variety of tangents with little to no judgement (and if there was any, I had the distinct pleasure of clicking that elusive DELETE button and muttering "Fuck you" under my breath as your shitty little words evaporated back into cyberspace).

I let you down I know, and now I want you to know I am back. I'd like to say better than ever, but I've never been one to toot my own horn...(Toot Toot!!)

I'm not even sure if my ability to write is still alive inside me. Not sure if I can put to paper (metaphorically of course, since I am obviously typing) my thoughts and words the same way I once was able. Can I still turn a phrase? Can I still hear my voice in a plethora of characters typed on a computer screen? Who knows. Only time will tell.

Another reason for my sabbatical was an annoying as all hell feature I stupidly enacted within Google and then changed my phone number and was locked out of my account for quite some time. I mean really, who does that?! I get the whole extra security measure thing to avoid hacking, but then to not allow yourself access even when you try your supposed back up methods? Pissed me off. Finally after several irate emails and requests to the Powers that Be, I was once again granted access to my account and viola! Here I am.

So to my fellow writers, I applaud your dedication and your ability to keep up the good fight. I hope to join you once again, armed with a pen (you know what I mean...) and ready to get back into the battle of wits I once felt part of.

Until we meet again.....


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