Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I Start Fresh on Mondays

What better way to get back on the blogging bandwagon than to force myself into a 31 day blog challenge?!

Let's be serious, I am totally going to screw it up, much like when I try to diet. I'm a firm believe of the "Start Fresh on Monday" school of thought and usually by late Tuesday I am already ready to "Start Fresh on Monday" again since I have usually eaten something that just by smell alone is clogging my arteries, but for shits and giggles let's pretend I don't procrastinate or not finish things I start, K?

Anywho, I was perusing the old internet and trying to coerce myself into thinking of new blog fodder and stumbled across a 31 day challenge. Low and behold, July has 31 days. Even my math-retarded ass can figure that one out. And hey, it's only the 2nd, so I can pull off 2 posts in one day right?? Right???

So here goes, Day 1 and 2....because I do it my way damnit.

Day 1:

Intro & Recent Photo

Oh hai! That's me. Last month (technically June is now last month so it's totally the right way to put it) on a business trip in North Carolina. That's right, I said business trip. I'm kind of a big deal now. I know I was all "I'm unemployed" and "I need a job" for the longest time ever, but now BOOM! I've got not only one but TWO titles at work and actually like what I do.

With one hat I'm the Technology and Marketing Director (take that bitches!) and with the other I am the Generator Sales and Services Manager. I know, I can hardly contain myself either. I have 2 sets of business cards, 2 email signatures. It's anarchy. I have an iPad and I get to travel for miscellaneous things. So far I've been to Baltimore, MD and Asheville, NC. I also go back and forth to Martha's Vineyard all the time. I know, revel in your jealousy. I'll give you a minute.

Aside from now being all kinds of important in my 9-5 life, I am a board member on the PTA. Stop snickering assholes, I'm totally serious. I am working mom extraordinaire and I can't even tell you how the hell that even happened. My PTA is pretty badass though. We're not a bunch of those Stepfordish douches who make you feel inadequate if you can't make a bunt cake. No way Jose, we're all just cool. I mean, I think so anyway, but people on the outside looking in could have a completely different picture of my little Mom bubble, but don't pop it ok? I kind of like my delusions thank you very much.

My almost 9 year old son is also a badass. He's quirky and funny and random and completely a pain in the ass, but he's MY pain in the ass. He was diagnosed with Asperger's almost 3 years ago and he has probably taught me more than I could ever teach him. Ok, so I teach him a lot, but still. Some days you'd never know he was anywhere close to the spectrum, other days you want to pull your hair out because he's having a melt down over a piece of dryer lint (not literally dryer lint, but usually something else that makes absolutely no sense to anyone else what so ever). Mostly though, he's pretty awesome and a little overly obsessed with Super Mario.

I swear like a trucker in case you haven't noticed. I did the whole try not to swear thing, it doesn't work well for me and I slip all the time. Luckily my kid isn't a repeater and usually just goes "Mooooom..." in an annoyed teenage-angsty sounding way like he's already mortified by everything I do.

So I guess that's an intro right? Well, it is now!

Day 2:

Meaning of your blog name

Um, that's pretty self explanatory. I'm so fucking fabulous I piss glitter.

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  1. Don't feel bad about the possibility of screwing up the challenge...I only took maybe 18 months to finish the April a to z challenge!!
    I'm tempted to do this one as it is nice to have some subject prodding but might just wait for another 31 day month.
    I shall enjoy reading yours though :)


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