Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Honor: Officer Michael Davey

On Monday, a hero was killed. He was a police officer, a veteran, a husband, a father and a friend. He was a man I knew. Kids birthday parties, Halloween. Countless seemingly minute interactions you would take for granted in every day life, now remembered with great sadness and fond memory.

He was the quintessential hometown hero. He was what books are written of, what movies are made, and what every little boy grew up wanting to be.

He made his life in the town he was born and raised. He married his high school sweetheart. He served his country with pride, honor and dignity in a war to keep the freedoms for his children that he had come to know and cherish.

His uniform of camouflage fatigues of the ARMY changed to the deep navy's and blue's that allowed him to don the badge his father had donned before him, his grandfather before that, as an officer of the law.

He wanted the life he had for his children, in the same wholesome neighborhood he grew up in, where everyone smiled and waved. Where cutting the grass on a crisp Saturday morning was a thing of normalcy and you actually knew your neighbors.

He was a hero to his children, to his wife. He was a rock to those who knew him. A solid citizen. Even those knowing him vaguely could feel that they had been touched by greatness. He was a man you knew could make a difference.

Words cannot begin to express the tragedy of what happened to Michael Davey. A man who in his 34 years had clearly touched so many, and yet still had so much to yet to give.

A Soldier, an Officer, Father, Friend.

A Husband, Son, Brother.....a hero until the end.

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