Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can I Have The Envelope Please?

The lovely Brenda over at MummyTime has nominated me for 2 fabulous Blog Awards, and since she herself is fabulous, I am of course honored, since this comes by way of Australia, which in and of itself is pretty badass. (If I do say so myself)

So in compliance with these Oh-So-Stellar awards, I have some "Rules" I am to follow.

1. Thank the person that nominated you; link to the person that gave you the award.
2. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've discovered and think are fantastic.
3. Contact said blogs and let them know, they've won.
4. State 7 things about yourself. (This goes for both)

(the other award says to nominate 7 Blogs as well, but seeing as the first says 15, I think the bases are pretty much covered, don't you?)

How easy is this award?

So now, as I am SURE you are all dying to know 7 miscellaneous factoids about yours truly I have yet to divulge in my random blogging over shares, here we go!

1. My first college had a required outward-bound type class in which I was made to hike across a portion of the Green Mountains in Vermont, in the winter in about 6 feet of snow, breaking our own trails, maps, compasses, sleeping under nothing but a tarp for 4 days. Needless to say, as cool as the experience was, I will never do it again. (on our "practice" run I ended up getting evacuated to a log cabin and having to go to the infirmary due to hypothermia because it was in the cold freezing rain, not a good time)

2. I have egg-shell nails. I had no idea what the hell this meant until maybe a couple years ago, but for some odd reason, my fingernails, though they grow long, they curve downward and sort of bent like they were crushed somehow. I don't know why they do this exactly, if only to annoy me and make manicures not last very long.

3. My son is addicted to Cheetos, and half the time when I buy them for him, even though I really dislike them, I end up finishing off the bag, which is gross since they are covered in artificial orange cheese powder, but I just can't help myself!

4. I have this area around my mid-section where my once fabulous abs used to reside that I refer to as my "Fanny-pack". Thanks to an abnormally small torso and a massive child, 3 months of bed rest, weighing close to 200lbs when I gave birth at 5' tall and having an emergency c-section at the time, I fear that a tummy-tuck is my only resolution to get rid of said "Fanny-pack", although I fear they will chop my frog tattoo off in the process. It's a dilemma.

5. I fear becoming one of those old Italian ladies with massive amounts of arm wobble. That dangling under-arm flab that continues to wave after you stop waving. I already have lost some buoyancy in the under arm area and I fear that being Italian in heritage my fate may already be sealed. Flap flap flap.

6. I could eat buffalo chicken anything just about any day of the week. Salad, wings, dip, you name it. I loves me some hot chicken. Bleu Cheese please, none of that Ranch nonsense.

7. I suck at housework. I live in organized chaos and when given the chance to clean or nap, I always go for the latter.

And now there are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis that I feel should be shared with the world. All fabulous in their own way (they too could piss glitter) and different in what they share and express.

I have found the blogging community to be a fantastic release and a great support system, and these are my Peeps yo (and not the cavity with a face kind you get in your Easter basket):

1. Ferni @ This Little Girl Dreams
Because little girls with big dreams pretty much rock (and being in your 20's is something I miss)

2. Julie @ 47 and Starting Over
Because the beginning is always a good place to start, no matter how old you are

3. Polly @ The Hitch List
Because I too suffer from Relationshipaphobia

4. Lauren @ Hipstercrite
Because she is freakin hilarious

5. Nancy @ F8hasit
Because she is real and relatable

6. Hannah @ My Soul Is A Butterfly
Because her words bring you places, and it's awe inspiring

7. Natalie @ Nat the Fat Rat
Because she is quirky and likeable

8. Cath @ Random Thoughts From Underneath the Table v3.0
Because she's pretty much my soul mate

9. Chrissy @ I Shoulda Been A Stripper
Because we all have our "Shoulda's"

10. Kristine @ Wait in the Van
Because her Photoshop skills crack me up

11. Heather @ Confessions From My Everyday Life
Because she's a wheeling and dealing mom who I love to death

12. Robin @ The Writing On The Wall
Because I get her and she's great

13. Ashley @ lesbifriends.blogspot.com
Because she is real and raw and brave

14. Tara @ I Should Write A Book But I Blog Instead
Because she lives through humor and has similar luck to me

15. Kendra @ Kendra Payne
Because she's on the biggest journey of her life...motherhood

So that about sums up my reading list. Now you're on to me. What I do when I should be working, reading the rants and writings of the above mentioned fabulous people.

So click on their names and read away, you won't be sorry!!

I am passing the tiara to these beautiful and kreative bloggers.


  1. You are so kind.

    Thank you!

    I can't promise that I will follow the meme, but know that the sentiment is greatly appreciated.

  2. Baked or Crunchy Cheetos?
    Yes, it does make a difference.

  3. Hey, thank you! (And by the way, I LOOOVE your header)

  4. Thanks for the awesome award and the equally awesome factoids!

    I think the me-me's of these awards make passing them on so much fun. I would have never guessed that you had a frog tattoo on your midsection otherwise. Now I need to know the reason behind said tattoo...

    Thanks doll!

  5. Apryl, thanks SO MUCH! I'm so proud to be one of your "peeps". I'll have to check out the other recipients.

  6. you darling, darling relationshiphobe girl. Thank you so much for the nod and nom! Now I need to decide if there ARE enough interesting things about me...

  7. I just randomly found you and just fell the heck in love with your blog title.


    We just ran off and got married in Vegas cos your blog title was that hot.

  8. apryl! thanks for the nom! can't wait to check out the other bloggers.
    (p.s. i love that you love buffalo chicken)

  9. Thanks for the awards chickie.

  10. Thanks for playing along, girlie.

    And ooh, fannypack?! Totally got it too! Heehee.


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