Monday, May 24, 2010

Rewards for Slacking

Even though I've been a little lackadaisical on the blog front, the lovely Robin over at The Writing on the Wall decided I was kick-ass enough for yet another blog award!

Though I don't find myself as "prolific" as the award describes, I like to think that sometimes I blow enough hot air that's relateable and you people dig it.

Usually I can fodder enough garbage that spews around in my head to at least post every couple of days. Lord knows enough in this world pisses me off that can send me into my lovely sarcastic rants, or as of late even knee-deep in the mushiness of a loving relationship...who knew?

But I digress.

Among my seeming slackerdom, Robin still loved me. And she rocks!

So thus, I am to in turn spread the love and prolificness off to some other worthy Blogs I would like you to check out. (and trust me, some of you have NO idea what you've been missing with the stellar reads!)

SO here goes nothing...(in no particular order)

1. The lovely Brenda over at MummyTime Nothing like a short funny mom of 3 from Down Under

2. The ever-charming Lauren over at Hipstercrite Who has a NY driver's license, a LA mailing address, and an Austin physical address.

3. The magnificent Jill over at Heart Strings: Pulling Advice from the Heart Dear Abby, Dear Shabby! You need advice THIS is the place to go!

4. The Faux Trixie If you're lucky enough to get on the list, she will rock your socks with wit

5. IT over at Well, Oh Yeah!!! because sometimes, a little sarcastic snip-it is all you need in life

I'm sure I could add a boatload of other worthy candidates, but to be honest, I'm lazy. (Clearly this month seeing as I have posted like twice...)

SO read away my people!!


  1. Awww...thank you lovely Apryl.XO

    PS. Been a slack commenter myself. Am not proud.=(

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Street Cred....Blog Love from Other Bloggers