Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The End

How do you not feel defective
In hindsight, in retrospective

How do you learn to actually deal
What was right, what is real

Your mind your heart are now at war
Eyes are bloodshot, body sore

Twisting thoughts in every way
How did it come to be this way

You weren't enough, you had it wrong
You're told that now you don't belong

You break inside, a million parts
The shattered remnants of your heart

You spin their words inside your head
Ones you wish were never said

How can you move on, how can you get through
When all of this is killing you

You once had love and now left wanting
The pain you feel consumes you, daunting

They say you're done, you've come to the end
Alone without love, without your best friend

You cry, you break, you're devastated
The love you so patiently had waited

Shut you out, left you broken
No more words between you spoken

You're haunted now by what you had
Emotionally drained, eternally sad

His face, his voice, your memories
A shell of yourself is all you see

A pain you know will never mend
In pain because it is the end

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