Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Working 5-9 is No Way to Make A Living, Wait What?

Ok, this this whole car accident recovery thing has me sucking major ass at this whole 30 day challenge thing.

It was supposed to be a way to have me on here every day, spilling my musical guts and sharing things about myself that I am sure not a single one of you actually give a real rats ass about . (I wonder who decided that giving a rats ass was an acceptable phrase and why the hell people say it every day? I digress)

So in an attempt to once again redeem myself, or at least catch up, I will enlighten you all on days 5-9. Yes 5-9! This is what happens when they give you medication for pain that pretty much turns you into Forest Gump. I HATE the way they make me feel, all I did was sleep for a week, living on ice packs (which one of my bosses thankfully just went and got me from our medical facility which is basically in Guam in our ginormous building...LOVE her) and heating pads and trying to recoup. (on the plus side I lost 6lbs for lack of appetite so I guess that goes in the WIN column)

(I walk like I have something shoved up my ass at the moment but that's all back pain and pinched nerves, I can assure you there has been no funny business up in my funny business)

So, here we go.

Day 5: A Song That Reminds You of Someone

Easy. My best friend growing up and I had several songs that pretty much highlighted our childhood, tween and teenage years, and then on. One song always stood out.

I mean, what other song more aptly dictates a couple of Caucasian suburbanite teenage girls addicted to roller skating? (We were bad-ass I tell you)

Yup. Thug life.

Day 6: A Song that Reminds You of Somewhere

Growing up I was lucky. No really, I'm not just saying that in the hopes my mom reads this and I gain oodles of credit (she so doesn't read this...I hope). We used to go camping every summer. We would take these Griswold-esque family adventures in a motor home. Yes, my entire dysfunctional family on the road in a tin can on wheels for hours, sometimes weeks at at time.

We went all over the place, usually breaking down at least once on the way, or 5 times. Tomato.

In any event, the classy RV that we had obviously had not only a CB, because my dad somehow deep down wanted to be a long haul trucker (HILARIOUS to see your little old man on a CB spouting off "breaker-breaker 1-9"), we had a cassette player. Like I said, we were hard core.

Among all of our travels, the one place we went summer after summer was thankfully only a few hours away in Old Orchard Beach Maine.

My dad had somehow gotten a hold of a cassette single I had for 4 Non Blondes and would play it on repeat the entire trip up. That's right anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours depending on if it was a holiday weekend or not of this one song. Not only makes me think of him when I hear it, but about going to Maine.

Side note: Grunge was NEVER a good look, especially for the ladies.

Day 7: A Song That Reminds You of A Certain Event

There have been many events in my life. Obviously.

You don't reside on a planet for 32 (I still cringe saying that out loud) years and not have a bevy of momentous occasions. Most people by now would have a wedding song or some sort of smoozey thing to recall as their momentous song. Right.

Being as I haven't traveled that road, my most memorable song that connects to an event is from my Prom. That's right, a whopping 987 years ago.

We were awesome, I must say as a member of the Prom Committee. We didn't fall into the cheesy cliche's of the 90's with lame Richard Marx songs or some other Adult Contemporary hit that was supposed to make a whole gaggle of hormonal teenagers want to while away the night in the arms of their "true loves" (because you know that happens in high school...)

Nope, we went with a timeless classic.


Day 8: A Song You Know All the Words To

My mind is a musical library. I can't remember half of what I did last week (and not just because of being heavily medicated, I mean most weeks most of the time) but I will hear a song I haven't heard in eons and bust it out word for word. Just hearing the melody will jog some sort of robot like ability to store this information, which let's face it in the grand scheme of things is a completely useless skill. If only I could retain other things that way, Rocket Science may have been an actual option for me.

That being said, in all of my musical memory, the one song that comes on that I will belt out with gusto, that I will stop...collaborate and listen....yeah that's right. You know what's coming.

Word to your mother.

Day 9: A Song You Can Dance To

I will dance to anything. No really, I will chair dance in my seat, I will bust out obnoxious 80's leg holding knee thrusts anywhere, anytime.

I used to get into legit dance battles with a deaf guy who was a phenomenal hip-hop dancer at a place I used to frequent. Crowds gathered around us cheering and clapping and I was fricking awesome. No really. I danced most of my life.

My goal in life as a pre-teen was to be a Fly Gurl on In Living Colour. I realize now I clearly wasn't ghetto enough, but I took all the hip-hop and street dance classes the 90's had to offer. I was a cheerleader in high school and we used to do all the cool timed dance routines. Hell I could even do all the quirky popular line dances on roller skates (No one could out Tootsie Roll me with wheels on damnit)

So out of all the ones to choose, I will pick one that gets my booty shaking to new heights. I LOVE dancing to Spanish music. Me. Little Italian/Irish 5' nothing of me shaking my hips Shakira style and knocking the shit out of the dance floor. (NO idea what he's saying in this song, but I cannot sit still hearing this song, ever)

Plus, how can you go wrong with pleather pants??


  1. Nate Dogg and Vanilla Ice...wow! I loved Nate Dogg's voice. It always gave me chills.

  2. "I wonder who decided that giving a rats ass was an acceptable phrase... ?"

    I'm sure it wasn't George Carlin. Anyhow it sounds really tame next to "who give a flying F8@&?"

  3. Man I still love Vanilla Ice, that song is fun to bust out at parties then follow it up with "Rappers Delight" and Rob Base "It Takes Two". Watch as people marvel while you sing every word! I hope you can get back up & shake your booty soon! I love to dance too, the Kid 'n Play is still my favorite move of all time.


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