Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You Are Getting Veeeeery Sleeepy....

Looky here, I am doing Day 10 when I should. Aren't you proud?? Not lumping 5 days together in 1 post? Although, I do think that way tends to be more interesting, but whatever.

Day 10: A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep And Feel Relaxed

Ok that seems bass akwards to me, since one would think you'd relax FIRST then fall asleep, but hey I didn't make this silly challenge up so who am I to be the grammar police right?

This could also give me several options. I mean, sometimes you want to hear a song that just mellows you out. Not in like a Cheech and Chong every sentence ends in "Man" way, but just puts you in a mood that you want to lull yourself into a tranquil place.

Now massage parlors seem to have it down. They do that Asian-flutey stuff that makes you feel like you are in a forest with birds and waterfalls. Although, the waterfall thing can have a bad affect if you get too relaxed, therefor needing to pee yourself, so that could get dangerous.

BUT, if I had to say pick a playlist of songs that I would light a few candles to, sit in an oversize claw-footed bathtub in (which by the way, I would LOVE to have, or at least one that would cover me enough that I would be comfortable in, I mean who designed bathtubs anyway? They never hold enough water to make you feel like you're submerged unless you're 5 and then the water is cold after like 10 minutes and you're sitting in your own dirt. How is that relaxing?) I guess I'd go with some of these songs.

Songs that make you mellow, that make you think out everything you are supposed to. Vent out internally all the inner demons. Just like Ace Ventura.

In all seriousness, here are a few I could close my eyes and drown (no pun intended...ok maybe a little) my sorrows and relax to.

And coincidentally, I didn't pick this bath time gem because she's under water in it. It's just the most mellow song ever.

If you have ever been haunted by someone, this song will hit you. Emotionally punch you in the gut. Which I guess isn't necessarily relaxing per say, but it is. It's a memory of good and bad and memories and letting go.

I was just reminded recently how much I love this song. Reminded by someone I have known more than half my life. How beautiful it is. The sound of these voices together, breathtaking. So thank you for reminding me. You know who you are.

I love Sara Bareilles. Something about her, her music, her lyrics. I could listen to her for days and my blood pressure would instantly lower.

I was raised an avid Beatles fan. It takes something to cover a Beatles song and make it good, even better. But this version I adore. It's very very chill.

And of COURSE if someone if going to put me to sleep, they gotsta Hypnotize me!!


  1. oops wait, half your life, not me, nevermind


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