Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not So Sweet 16

So I have spent the day wrapped up in more and more insurance red tap because of the little asshole who destroyed my Soul (not my ACTUAL soul-soul, like that inner thing that's supposed to live on long after you're gone, but my rapping hamster Soul, my poor beautiful car).

They give you one person who handles the medical side, another who's a field adjuster (the guy who is the only person who physically SEES your poor damaged and maimed vehicle), a miscellaneous team of peons who answer the phone assigned only to YOUR claim, and yet another who oversees the whole mess from some office in god-knows-where.

It's exhausting. Then I have to deal with physical therapy, with follow up appointments, with paperwork up the wazoo. All because some stupid little cocksucker decided he didn't feel like stopping at a stop sign in the middle of rush hour traffic, and felt like taking off. Fucking asshat.

Now I have to deal with getting my loan all over again, with pay-offs and with figuring out GAP insurance (if I have it). With re-negotiating car dealerships and the whole rigamarole of everything. And that's just the car side of it.

It will probably be like a year before I see any of my lost wages, or medical pay outs. The little bastard likely doesn't have a job, since he wasn't on his parents or whomever he lived with insurance to begin with. Oh and did I tell you that after Googling the little asshole (yes Google, the rise and fall of modern civilization) found he assaulted his grandparents?? That he violated a restraining order of some kind and broke into a car and stole drugs? Sounds like a real stand up guy doesn't he?

Ok enough about hate. Well maybe not.

Day 16: A Song You Used To Love But Now Hate

See this is tough.

I don't tend to love them then hate them.

More sort of dig them, then get sick of them because most radio stations play the same 10 songs over and over again over the course of each hour making you at first get uber excited about it, then want to gouge your eyes out with a spoon.

Yet another reason I miss my car. I had free satellite radio for a year. I didn't have that hell of pop radio making me mad by playing that whole repetitive "buy me buy me, love me love me" shit and forcing Top 40 (which was really like top 10 if you think about it because they again, only played the same stupid songs on repeat) down your throats.

So, a couple I grew sick of are (insert drum roll if you wish)

Ok anything Ke$ha. I get it, girl is trashy, daughter of Mick Jagger (or whatever the rumor is). Has no talent. Sure, get me drunk in a bar and I will dance the shit out of her "music" there are beats. But she is useless, and it does NOT belong on a radio, especially every 5 minutes.

I hate to say it, because I am a fan of them, but if I go to a karaoke bar and have to suffer through a bunch of drunk barely 21 year old, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket Prostitots singing this song, I may intentionally hit them with my car when I leave (if ever I get another one)

Another song that's annoying as all hell? Especially when an entire gaggle of *ahem* ladies who you can pretty much guess without the IQ of Einstein WHY they are what they start stampede--I mean running to the dance floor is that Beyonce' anthem from a few summers back. Mocked and You Tubed by everyone, I believe even the Jonas Brothers got in on that one.

I am sure there are more, but I am honestly not up for much more annoyances today.

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  1. I'm a huge Foo Fighters fan and their very long awaited most recent cd has been spinning in my car's player non stop since the day it was released. The song 'Walk' is like my life right now, I am enamored with the beat of Taylor's drum, the brilliant lyrics that Grohl puts out there as if he's in constant emotional turmoil. Its just beautifully composed all around. Turned on 92.9 the other day and there it was, released to radio. I almost cried. Nothing worse than a favorite being overplayed!


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