Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Like Smiling, Smiling's My Favorite!

OK so today is off to a rocky start. I left my house at the same time I do every day to make it to work by 7:30am.....and got here at 9am. Yeah. Traffic day from hell.

I have no idea what kind of mental vehicular Armageddon was going on in Massachusetts, but it annoyed the Bejesus out of me, and I am certainly not caffeinated enough to tolerate it that's for sure.

I mean sure, half of the State was sadly affected by freak tornadoes last night. And we're not like those poor plain states who are accustomed to these sort of things (I mean as prepared as you can be, with sirens and drills and shelters and such) We don't tend to get that kind of freakish weather here. We get foot upon foot of snow, hell even snow in what some consider summer months on fluke occasions, but never tornadoes.

Sadly there were a few confirmed deaths and several injuries. Lots of damage. Nothing compared to what the people of the Midwest and the south deal with, but for an area that doesn't deal with this stuff it was on every channel, interrupting your regularly scheduled programming.

Except of course the Bruins Stanley Cup Playoff Game, because let's face it, we DO have priorities (even though we lost in the last 18 seconds....but damnit Canada, we'll get you!)

That aside, it's Day 11 of my Challenge. I know, 2 days in a row of actually keeping up with what I'm supposed to do. You should be proud of me.

Day 11 - A Song From Your Favorite Band

Now this again should be a no brainer. BUT I have more than one favorite. I know, a woman who's indecisive. Shocking.

I have my cheeseball favorites, the ones I will get incessantly mocked for and not give a shit for. Because fuck you that's why.

I have my sincere favorites. Ones who's music actual move me, who's every song I can listen to and love.

I have favorites from certain era's in my life. One's that got me through times when no one else could, but their melodies and lyrics stood by me like an old and trusted friend.

So I will go forth and conquer! Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but I will post a few of my favorites, from a couple of my favorite musicians. And you will just have to once again, deal.

I LOVE Bon Jovi. I know I know. This may be my Cheese factor. I have seen him now live twice and they are AMAZING. Like take incredible sound stage presence put on one hell of a show amazing. I love every song I've ever heard. Every album, even the ones other people hated (like his attempt at country crossover)

I don't get all Cougar'd up when I go though and tease my hair up all 1985 and sport a Bon Jovi t-shirt and scream out "I LLOOOOOOOVVVVEEE YOU JOOONNN!!!" like a lunatic or anything. I stand, I sway, I sing along sure. I know every song word for word. I am a fan. I'm just not a fricking nutcase.

Totally different jump here, but I also am obsessed with Staind. I know. Not exactly the same fan base as Bon Jovi, but they are amazingly talented and Aaron Lewis' voice is haunting. He writes in a way that makes you almost want to break his heart so he can immortalize you. Don't judge me.

I grew up loving oldies, loving country. And I LOVE Patsy Cline.

And I bet no one saw this coming, but I have seen the Cure 7 times in my life in concert. My sister was 7 years older than me and a huge musical influence. I loved the Smiths and the Cure and Duran Duran and so many other amazing 80's musical talents because of her.

And obviously my childhood staple. The one favorite that every red blooded New England Tween gal HAD to love. And most of us still do. I have friends who line up and wait as soon as these tickets go on sale (and no, I am NOT one of them) screeching like their former teenage youthful selves reliving their glory days. You got it (the right stuff)

And for good measure


  1. Ah NKOTB...nothing ever happened here quite like them huh? Great selections all around really, we have a lot in common as far as music goes & I'm enjoying your selections. Have you heard the Lit cover of Pictures of You? Its a favorite of mine too.

  2. first of all YOUR BLOG KICKS A** second of all traffic was a B*TCH this morning... 3rd it took me 50 mins to get from duxbury to braintree today! and we didn't have the damn tornado here!
    and I can not express enough how much i love this friggen blog! I am from braintree by the way!


    I found you over at the blog hop from For The Love Of Blogs! Hope you can check me out :) I am having a weekend long Birthday Bash Giveaway!

  3. BAHAHA disregard what I wrote on MY blog on yoru comment I just put two and two together! I am going crazy with this giveaway weekend I think I lost my mind... YUP you are my fav :) lol.


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