Friday, May 6, 2011

I Break

Death would be too easy
For then the pain is gone
But heartache has another way
It lingers on and on

Though inside I am dying
And my eyes a river make
Each breathe I take is labored
Not sure that I can take

My thoughts are ever clouded
An emptiness inside
For death yes would be easier
From this torture I can't hide

A hole inside is forming
A gap too large to mend
I try to understand it
I break I cannot bend

I break I cannot bend
I break I cannot bend
I cannot bend
I break...


  1. I randomly write poetry as well but more on the line of prose with no formal structure. Your poetry is like song lyrics, beautifully timed, well balanced tempo and easy rhyming that doesn't feel forced. I am really enjoying reading it! So glad to have connected in the bloggysphere :-)

  2. Apryl, these poems are beautiful! You are very gifted writer. I hope blogging is a creative outlet for you, you are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  3. All I want to say is, yes! Yes! Yes! You’re so right. I want to get behind this so much. You speak with so much authority, so much spirit, I feel as though you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head. Good job with this. Please keep brining us more because we need more of your type of blogger


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