Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can't Let Go

A painful past
I can't erase
I write as tears
Stream down my face
I know that I
Am not to blame
And yet I lose
Like it's a game
I want to love you
To hold you near
To tell you things
You need to hear
I can not lose
Love cannot die
You are my world
You are my life
To be with you
I feel complete
without you now
I feel defeat
Like I am drowning
In sorrow's pool
I can't let go
Perhaps a fool
Your love I know
Is not pretend
As demons past
You must defend
I want to be there
To help you through
I'd travel the ends
Of the Earth for you
I will not go
My heart is true
I can't let go
Let go of you
I will be here
Though silence cries
And hope that you
Will change your mind
To see that I
Am the one for you
And that you love me
As much as I love you

Posted July 31, 2006

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