Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny The Way It Is

I keep listening to the new Dave Matthews song when it comes on the radio and I keep thinking of how true the lyrics are. I have never really been a real Dave Matthews fan, but this song is a real stop-thinker.

"Funny the way it is."

It is isn't it? He makes such good points about so many things going on right now that every time I hear it I find myself lost. Which is usually not a good thing since its usually also in the car while driving and not always the best nor safest time to find yourself lost in your thoughts, but I digress..

"Somebody's broken heart becomes your favorite song"

This one gets me the most. You never think about it really. You rock out over and over to your favorite (gag) top 40 hit and you never think about the pain or anguish the song writer went through to get to where he/she went through. Well, unless you have a vast appreciation for the lyrical much like myself.

But so many people I know don't get it. They listen mindlessly to a good beat. Saying "This is my JAM" (Yes sadly I know people who say that...out loud) And they never realize that so many of those songs, those "jams" are penned from heartache, from someone else's sorrow, from longing.

"A soldier’s last breath and a baby’s being born"

So many of our soldiers will never know their unborn children. Will never be there to see them grow. Or will be strangers to them when they come home.

I can't imagine the sadness. I can't imagine the sacrifice that they make, that their families make for our country. Sometimes necessary yes, mostly not. Fighting mostly someone else's wars, on someone else's soil. Fighting to keep us free yes, but at costs that have a price greater than freedom.

Tearing families apart for months, years. Distances that cause rifts in relationships. Seeing, hearing and doing things that change a person for the rest of their lives.

Global warming, terrorism, economic turmoil, hailing media icons as heroes while our soldiers die in foreign lands forgotten, pressing 1 for English on our own country, paying for public schools, crime rates on the rise, drive by shootings, no cure for cancer.

Funny the way it is.

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog, and after reading your poetry, I have a comment. You have a good facility with your words, and the structure of many of the pieces flow nicely throughout the piece. It is also clear, that listening to your narrative (what the pieces are about - subject matter), the stories have had a real impact upon you.
    A suggestion: Instead of "Telling me what you feel, and what you experienced and did" why not try the braver step and help me experience and feel the pain, agony and anxiety beneath the words? In other words, it is a choice between being a narrator or being a story teller. The former gives a good deal of information but reduces the listener (reader) to the passive role of receiver rather than actor. The story teller invites the receiver intoher narrative and makes him experience the story.
    If this is something you'd like some more information about, drop me a line, otherwise, good luck and keep writing - I think you have something to say! Bob


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