Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Story of my life.....continues

Posted Date: : Feb 14, 2008 4:05 AM
Nothing like a greeting-card holiday to make one feel even more single than normal. Follow that with a horrible day the day before and an ever reminder of how broke you really are, makes it oh-so-much better.

So to start off my day yesterday, I got refused at a gas station. Let me 'splain. I have a Ford Focus. Not the epitome of a luxury car by any means, but I dig the Fucus none the less. However, one basic feature is does NOT have is power windows, I know for shame.

So, It's rainy/snowy/slushy out yesterday morning on my way to work. Lovely. I am also on E and my gaslight is on. Awesome. I pull into a gas station in Holbrook (because I have to drive through it every morning to get the highway after dropping Dylan off at commute sucks I know) and the attendant WATCHES me roll down my drivers side window.

THEN, he walks to the other side and taps on the passenger side. I yell from my side that the window is broken (although I should not have to explain myself to the attendant but whatever) and then he proceeds in broken English to tell me he is not going to walk to my side of the car because "it's slippery". WHAT?!

I step out of my car and tell him AGAIN my window doesn't go down on that side (now it is just a matter of principle you see) And I tell him to just do his job and pump my gas. I also now have an audience. He tells me I can't talk to him like that and basically ignores me.

SO, I fly out of the gas station BACK to the opposite side of town from where I have to be ot get gas, and I am PISSED. I fill my tank at an English-speaking-all-American gas station (not that I have anything against an accent or anyone frmo somewhere else, I was just BULLSHIT) and then drive back the other way to the highway, already late for work.

So, in my drive I proceed to call the gas station to ask for the owner's name so I can call and complain about the laziness and over-all rudeness of this attendant. Well, Asshole himself answers the phone and REFUSES to give me any information and hangs up on me. BAD IDEA.
I then call the Better Business Bureau, I call the Town Hall Assessors office to get the name of the property owner (which is not who leases the gas station mind you) and then I call the gas station one more time. Now my head is reeling.

Again I get the run around from the asshole attendant, by which point I am ready to call the INS to validate his citizenship. Oh yeah I was bullshit.

Also I realize once I get to work that I have a week to sign up for my works Insurance or I will miss the open enrollment. Not that that's awful, however the amount of money it will cost every pay period (oh yeah ever 2 weeks) is borderline extortion, so I am even more in a bad mood. (since I am financially defunct anyway)

I am already about $400 in the hole every month since I don't make as much as I am supposed to put out. Awesome.

Oh and to add fuel to the fire, Dylan's dad got laid off Monday for god knows how long, so no child support. Yay. AND Monday was my dad's birthday so I was generally depressed anyway,

And today, no love from anyone except a few of my kick ass friends. What a week.

The rain has made me sore and achy all week long and I feel like I have had a Migraine for a year. Shoot me.

I need my Mary Kay business to pick the hell up or I am going to lose my mind. No seriously, white coat-padded room lose it.


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