Friday, July 24, 2009

Madly In Anger

You don’t understand what you do to me

I hear your voice

My insides quiver

You touch me, and I melt

You have always been there

Even when you weren’t

My thoughts go to you when you’re not with me

I want to take away your pain

Take away your hurt

I want to go where my heart is telling me to

Where it told me to go before

You shut me out once

Please not again

I ache with thoughts of not being with you

I cry

All I want to do is hold you

Kiss you

Possibly love you

And I feel shunned

I feel ripped apart

When we’re together there is undeniable magic

There is something amazing

When we’re not

You different

You hide behind your logic

What you feel may be logical

Behind rationality and not feeling

When I am with you I can see endless possibilities

Feel them

And you

You see nothing

You don’t look passed the past

You don’t look to far ahead

You don’t let your heart lead

All I want is a chance

To make you see me

To make you want me

To be everything to you

I know when I am with you that you feel it

You feel something


Just feel

And yet apart you get numb

You push me aside

Like a child’s toy

Once played with lovingly

Then cast aside


Left to wonder what I did wrong

What I can fix

What I can change

Left alone

Left aching

Left to wonder

I can’t change the past

Nor can you

We can only learn from it

Learn to make things better

And be together

As long as it is together

All I want is a chance to be happy

For you to be happy

To think of me

To be reminded of me

To be madly in anger with me

As I am with you

Posted February 6, 2006

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