Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who took the "Whoo hoo" out of Wooing??

Posted Date: : May 29, 2008 8:49 AM
Gone are the days of wine and roses. Candle-lit dinners planned to "ooh and ahh", all a bunch of mindless fodder. Told in "once upon a time" scenarios back when people cared enough, like Hallmark, to send the very best.

No more are there sweet notes or poems written. No now it's email or text message. No hand-written letters scrawled on napkins just to say you're thinking about that certain someone. No calls just to say hello. Gone are the days of conversation that could sweep you away for hours, losing yourselves in worlds unknown.

No longer are words even spelled correctly. They're hyphenated and abbreviated in such a way that no educated human being could gather at first glance. "L8R" or "TTYL" have replaced even a simple goodbye.

What happened to dating? What happened to that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach? That getting all dolled up and changing outfits 52 times to get it just right event that once upon a time took place on a weekend night? When a person would call you, ask to spend time with you, arrange to pick you up and take you out in public for an evening of planned attempted romance?

I have noticed in my own observations as well as those of people around me that this once so common practice has been thrown out the window. Now replaced by sitting on the couch watching TV in silence, possible followed by a pseudo intimate encounter and a "Call ya later".

Where did we exactly go wrong as a society that we started accepting this as ok? Where did we as women accept that being hidden away like some sort of recluse was acceptable? Do we not want to get all dressed up and shown off for the world to see? Do we not want to have someone look at us for the first time like we are the only person in a room? Or listen to what we have to say and hang on our every word?

Do we blame inflation for our lack of going out? Do we blame gas prices? Do we blame our fore-fathers for setting such high expectations of wooing that their children's children cannot live up to such romantic expectations? Is it sheer and utter laziness or a combination of D, all of the above?

I'm not looking for William Shakespeare to write me a sonnet, or roses to adorn my sheets at bedtime nightly. I don't want to have dinner by candle light every day, nor do I want to be riddled with gifts. What I ask is not that uncalled for. It's not unattainable.

I simply want to be taken out in public. I do not want to be some late-night stop on your agenda. I do not want to be waiting in the wings for something better to come along. Women are a fickle and fabulous entity.

If you find someone you get along with, laugh with, have fun with, can talk to, are attracted to and like to spend time with…would you not want to share that with the world? Show her off??

What's the major malfunction?

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