Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not a good poster child for the Cancer Patient friend today

Posted on May 27, 2008 at 8:48pm
OK OK. I shudder as I think about writing this....

I have a sunburn.

There I said it.

In my mindlessness of Memorial Day Weekend debauchery, I was a tad bit negligent in the sunscreen department, and no worries people, I have been lectured and had the Cancer card pulled on me already (Kelly I love you, even if you're a pain in the bottom.)

Here's my story (and ironically is IS of a lovely lady...). I was sitting out on Sunday, a lovely sunny day in good old MA gabbing with a girl friend late in the afternoons. Sitting on a lounge chair, gossip a flying. Tube top, jean skirt, (in shock that they fit from summer's prior) and loving the weather.

NOT thinking, just talking. NO sunscreen. Yes, I am the devil I know. However, I DO have SPF 25 on my face daily, it's in my fabulous Mary Kay skin care that I so hopefully peddle, but I digress....

So thus, as the night wears on, my friend Cindy decides to say, Wow, you are getting red. I think to myself, that's funny, we weren't out very long and it was so late in the day. Ah sun, you tricky creature!

SO yes. I looked like a straight up jackass, and rightfully so. With a red stripe across the front of my chest (and in a straight line due to the tube top, looks like I got marked with a ruler, very attractive), various blotches on my thighs and even shins. My shoulders and the top of my back.

NO big deal.....So I thought.

Here's where I become a HUGE dumb ass.

So on Monday, 80 degrees and gorgeous, I decide its a FABULOUS idea to take my son to the beach. Yes. You heard me. I slather my son in SPF 50, as well as my burn, but then decide I should try to "even" out part of my ghetto burn, and put SPF 15 every where else. Hey at least I used sunscreen, usually I was a baby-oil only gal. ( I know, You're all aghast, but I can assure you, precancer knowledge I was, and probably will always remain in some aspect, a tan-a-holic)

So I slather on my shoulders and back as well as I can reach, which I thought was everything, the SPF 50 and hike off for a day of fun, sun and sand with my almost 4 year old.

Yes. Needless to say at the moment I am pasty white in most places, have a random burn on the top of one foot, 3 stripes across my back, on the side of one hip, my shins, and thighs still, and my back across my shoulders are now a nice festering bubble.

Yes wearing a bra to work today was a good time (TMI yes you'll get over it)

So, as far as I can tell, I am a baaaad Cancer advocate and am being punished by the sun and have the most retarded looking sunburn as punishment.

Oh karma, you are a bitch.

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