Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedded Bliss

I don't know why Hollywood, why authors and poets and bards have made relationships and love seem like it is such the "thing" to have over centuries.

I mean sure there have been Romeo and Juliet and there has been Noah and Allie (read The Notebook for crying out loud) but c'mon, how often has reality dictated anything remotely close to a love as pure, an unadulterated as those?

More often than not, we strive for it. We go after failed relationship after failed relationship until we find it. "The one" He or she who makes us think that for one brief (and let me tell you from what I've witnessed it sure is brief in the grand scheme of things) moment all in the world is perfect and right and just. Birds chirp sweet melodies and clouds part and there is nothing but sunshine and rainbows.

But much like New England this summer, reality hits you and you remember it is cloudy and rainy and annoying and wet and messy and more often more of a nuisance than a hot commodity once thought of.

I mean really, who wants to wait in line in their own house to pee?

SO I wonder how this notion ever got into our heads. How did we wake up one morning and decide we HAD to get married? That we had to find one person to stay with until we're dead? I mean really, we thought a life sentence in prison was bad. At least they get cable.

How is it that a fairytale in a little girls head turns into a bitter divorce more than half the time? Are we that obsessed with spending thousands of dollars to get all dressed up for one day? Don't you remember the Prom? Oh sure sure, there are a few of you who will suck it up and stick to your vows, devout religion blah blah blah.

Seriously? Because of some half-assed promise to a man you never met, most likely pointing and laughing somewhere on his high horse in a clouded kingdom up in the sky, you are going to remain miserable until the ripe old age of 76?

Not for me thanks.

I wonder if my cynicism has anything to do with the fact that I witness the unhappiness of those of my friends and family who are married, who have been divorced, or widowed.

Those who incessantly feel the need to complain about everything wrong about said partner and how horrible they are. How they wish they didn't get married. Not all of them mind you, but more than would likely admit.

Or those who see a wedding and mutter under their breathes...."suckers" as they drive by. The wistful "don't do it" in a nicer way while coughing. Ah wedded bliss.

Makes me want to run right out and buy a veil.

I think I will stick to mindless casual sex and cut my losses. At least I'll keep my sanity.

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