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Posted Date: : Dec 11, 2008 5:37 AM
So today Dylan's dad goes to court for the drug charges he is facing for the nightmare he has caused in mine and his sons life the past few months. It's supposedly just a pretrial, but I am hoping he finally owns up to his stupidity and pays for what he's done.

However, my faith in our lovely legal system is to be desired since in my opinion, after realizing he was a repeat offender, should have been locked up long ago.

I mean really, the DAY he was arrested with my son he had gone to yet another court house to pay fines for some erroneous charges I knew nothing about, and only heard about his after by a witness who saw him there with my kid. Lovely.

SO my poor child, 3 at the time, gets to witness a drug deal and a drug bust, guns blazing and his father get arrested. Get taken into State custody and me getting a phone call to release him. NOT a phone call a mother ever wants to get.

10 days before my poor kids 4th birthday. His father swallows 2 bags of heroin to evade an undercover officer. Classy. What a guy.

Nightmares of phone calls, leading to restraining orders and the police having filed motions with DSS against his dad, making them now present in MY Life. Loss of child support, which now had DSS to pay for Dylan's school since I no longer could.

Its been hell. And to lose my job on top of it only adds to the stress.

SO he becomes homeless, takes off to NC for a few weeks, which he wasn't supposed to do as a condition of his initial bail, but he thinks he immune to the legal system. Gets a whopping tattoo on his arm with Dylan's name on it. Funny I hadn't gotten any child support in months, but he could now afford a $500 looking tattoo.

Sorry, you can put my kids name on you any where you want, it doesn't make you father of the year. I could put Gandhi's face on my ass and I still wouldn't be a saint.

Then decides to make sure I see it when the Quincy police charge him with Reckless Endangerment of a Child. Moron.

My poor son has been the biggest victim and his self-absorbed asshole father can't even see past his own selfishness to see that. HE chose drugs over his own kid. My son was a mess after all of this, to the point he pissed himself during the incident.

He was taken by an ambulance to make sure he was ok, and into State custody. Surrounded by people he didn't know until I could get to him. He's acted out, gotten emotional without knowing why. He's 4, he doesn't understand entirely what's going on. He ran around trying to arrest people!

He wouldn't sleep, still has trouble there. I have to put the poor kid in therapy at 4 years old because his father has emotionally fucked up my kid.

Thank GOD I have a wonderful support system. My family, friends and even his father's family are wonderful people. Dylan knows he is loved and has had some stability following this mess, or lord knows how screwed up he would be right now.

His father went into rehab, and I know it was for the wrong reasons. He would BRAG about how he could beat the system. Him and his brother both (another "prize" career criminal) would say they knew the court system and what to say and do to get away with whatever. Its sad really. I know he went to rehab for himself to look better, not for actual help. He went because he was homeless and not because he was looking to be a better person.

He'll get out, have no place to go, and go right back to the junkie degenerate friends he has always had and jump right back on that band wagon. He always has. It's why I was a single mom from the get-go. And why I will never let my son be around him again.

I do not trust his judgment, I do not trust his actions, his words. He can schmooze whatever court system he wants, he can try to pretend he can be a better person, but a leopard can't change its spots. He's an addict and his choice was made clear when he chose that over the well being of his own child.

Fuck him and the needle he rode in on. I hope he finally rots in prison with a lot of time to think about how many lives he's fucked up, most importantly that of his own son.

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