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This is How Things Remind Me

Posted Date: : Apr 9, 2007 10:23 PM
No matter how much crap may suck, I got to admit I have some pretty kick ass friends and an amazing family.

Tonight after work and after I got Dylan from Daycare, all my girlfriends gathered at our friend Mariann's. Linda was home from Ireland, Andrea was newly engaged, Kristin is the proud new owner of a mini-van, there was a lot of stuff going on. We all had our perspective offspring (those that have any) Dylan, Mia, Madison and Logan.

We all sat around with the kids, ate Chinese food and talked about Andrea's wedding ideas, Linda coming home form Ireland next year for good hopefully. God we're old.

My friends have so many things that I envy. Some of them are married, some have bought houses, some have MBA's, Law degrees, some have the most amazing outlook on something that could be so awful. And I thought I had one thing there that people could envy (aside from my wonderful child of course); I have them for friends. They have never once cared what I did or didn't have. They have always been there, when things were good, when they were bad, when they were ugly.

I would do anything for my best friends. They are like family, hell they ARE family. I would be so lost without any of them. They are my core group. My friends for my entire life. I do have other people who I also consider to be my best friends, but they are the originals that's for sure.

Today I also got my official job offer for my new position at work. No more nights, no more weekends, no more up-in-the-air on whether I still had a job or not. It's concrete. I start on Tuesday the 17. (Monday is Patriots Day in Massachusetts, NEENER NEENER NEENER) I am glad to be moving on, and still staying in a place where I don't lose my sick days and stuff. Always a plus.

On the down side, my car still sucks and is over-heating more and faster. I still have no heat, which normally this time of year would be fine, but New England weather is bi-polar and it's supposed to snow like tomorrow. Fantastic. Going to be nice to defrost with no heat and not be able to see a damn thing. Very safe to drive and all. I have been looking at like Craigslist to find an inexpensive and hopefully reliable car. Yeah right. Anything I can almost afford is pretty much being sold for parts because it's about as useful as what I drive now, or has so many miles on it and is older than dirt. Joy. Commuting with a shitty car is not going to be fun.
My family is trying to help me. Looking for cheapish things, or asking people they know. Or helping in other ways (you know who you are). My dad was always the car guy. The guy who always knew a guy. He could pull cars out of his ass sometimes. Granted sometimes (OK most) you could tell, but there was always at least an option. The man was magic. He could always find a way to fix any problem I had. Whether it be a car or otherwise. He always either had a way to make everything better, or words to help.

I feel like sometimes I took for granted he would always be there. That I thought he was invinceable. Hell we all did. Every scare we had be battled through. Everytime he got sick he got better. He was our Bionic Man, ticking parts included. I wish I knew what the plan was for all of this. What the rhyme or reason to this is, because it was a pretty shitty thing to do. Take away a thread that held so many people together. It kills me to know that on Friday I won't get my usual call in the morning with tidings of my birthday, not singing so much as sing songy and calling me "Snapin Ape". The man was a walking Suess parody. And I miss it more and more every day.

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